5 Must-do Checks Before Cycling at Night Time

Cycling is becoming more and more dangerous and night time conditions make riding even more difficult than usual.
Listed below are some useful “must-do” checks before you set off to make your journey in the dark.

Check Over Clothing

Is your clothing suitable for cycling at night time? Make sure you wear brightly coloured clothing which has reflective material where possible.
Florescent clothing is also widely available from all good cycling shops and will massively improve your visibility to other road users.

Remember mud and dirt can seriously effect the power of the reflectors on your clothing so give them a quick clean with a damp cloth of tissue before your journey if there is obvious build up.

Its also bound to be cold when cycling at night time so ensure that you have suitable clothing.
The more comfortable you are riding the better, as this may help to reduce the chances of you being involved in a cycling accident.

Check Your Route

Is your route home the most sensible for the dark riding conditions? Would it be better for you to stick to well lit roads? If you have time, check your route in the car before you take to it on your bike and see if there is any way in which it could be changed to improve your safety and visibility.

Also remember to consider the condition of the road surface as this might not be obvious in the dark.

We also think it wise to make any mental notes of grids, potholes or sudden changes in the road which could be dangerous when on two wheels.

Check Lights are in Good Working Order

Your bike lights are one of the most important features where visibility is concerned so remember to check they are in good working order, and that they have new batteries in them.

When your back bike light battery goes you may not notice and other motorists will find it difficult to see you in the dark conditions.

You may also want to check their position to ensure that your clothing or bagging doesn’t cover your rear light in any way.

Check Tyre Pressure

Often it is difficult to tell what is under your wheels when you are riding in dark conditions so the first line of defence is to check that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. This will help to give you the maximum grip and may also help to stop a minor punctures.

Check Mobile Phone Battery

Your mobile phone is an incredibly useful tool if you get in to any trouble so be sure to check that you have at least enough battery to last you until you get home in case you need to make an emergency phone call.
If conditions get too difficult its also useful to make a phone call to a friend or family member to come and collect you.

Recently Had a Cycling Accident?

We hope that these simple suggestions help with the safety of your cycling journey, however if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a cycling accident, then you may need to claim compensation.

If you have had a cycling accident in the last 3 years and feel that it wasn’t your fault, you could successfully claim compensation. Call us today to make a free no-obligation enquiry – 01655 506 672.
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