Avoiding Cycling Accidents

As a legal team that specialises in helping cyclist who have had accidents, we know that not all are avoidable, however significant steps can be taken towards minimising the chances of having a major cycling accident.

We hope that the following tips will help you to be more aware of situations in which cycling accidents could arise, and hopefully help you to avoid them.

Careful When Pulling in to the path of vehicles

Very often you will have to pull out in to the line of traffic in order to move around an object that is blocking your way. Examples include a parked car, a pot hole or maybe smashed glass. Be sure to check around you before moving in to the line of traffic and try to make your movements predictable to drivers. Signal that you plan to pull out if vehicles are near by raising your arm.

Avoiding Opening Doors

A common problem on streets where there is often parked cars is that drivers will not check their mirror before opening a door and open it in your path, causing a cycling accident. Be sure that when you are traveling past cars, you leave enough clearance so that if a door does start to open you can easily steer round.

Don’t Jump Red Lights

There is always a temptation to jump a red light because you feel that you are less significant than a vehicle but this can have disastrous consequences, particularly on fast junctions, so always be sure to stop at a red light.

Don’t Cut Inside Vehicles (undertake)

Many cyclists assume that cutting down the inside of a vehicle (undertaking) near a junction is a quick way get ahead of the traffic, but so many times the vehicle being undertaken will turn left and completely cut the cyclist up.

This happens particularly with LGV and HGV vehicles which have blind spots. Do not attempt to undertake vehicles, and if you are waiting at a red light, wait behind a vehicle and not along side. Undertaking should also be avoided when traffic is moving as vehicles could suddenly turn left. Always overtake on the right just the same as a car, or avoid overtaking all together and wait behind patiently.

Recently had a Cycling Accident?

If you’ve had a cycling accident in the last 3 years and it wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact Cycle Assist today to get a free no-obligation assessment of your case and see how much money you could claim.

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