Elbow Related Cycling Injuries

The elbow is a hinge joint that is made up of three bones; the Humerus, which is the upper arm and the paired Radius and the Ulna, which make up the forearm.

Injuries to the elbow normally occur after a fall or due to heavy force being applied as well as due to sharp twisting and bending of the joint.

The most serious elbow injury that can be sustained is a dislocation. An x-ray will confirm any dislocation, with the symptoms being extreme pain when the elbow is flexed as well as swelling and the elbow appearing deformed.

A dislocation will result in immediate loss of motion and you will require sedation and pain management whilst the elbow joint is put back into place. This procedure must always be performed by a medical expert at a hospital.

Another common injury that can occur to your elbow is a fracture. A fracture should always be treated as early as possible to avoid any long term complications, such as the loss of motion. Fracturing any of the bones that make up the elbow joint can cause pain, swelling, bruising and even joint deformity.

In the most serious cases surgery may even be required if the fracture is badly displaced. A badly displaced fracture could even lead to damaged nerves and blood vessels, which would induce numbness and tingling.

Injured in a Cycling Accident?

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