Road Traffic Collision Cycling Claims

Whether it be a daily commute to work or school, or you just enjoy cycling as a hobby, it’s virtually impossible to ride your bike without having to venture on to a road at some point.

Whilst the majority of cyclists live in harmony with other road users, it’s undeniable that road traffic collisions are one of a cyclist’s worst fears, unfortunately, RTAs are also one of the most frequent types of accidents that cyclists find themselves involved in, and they have the potential to cause catastrophic and life-changing injuries.

One of the most common causes of cycling accidents

Even those who stay alert at all times whilst cycling can still become a victim of an RTA largely due to the fact that people are prone to human error.

According to the authorities and leading cycling charities including The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the leading cause of road traffic collisions between cyclists and other road users is a failure to look properly, either on the part of the cyclist or on the part of the driver of the other vehicle.

Careless driving is also a common cause of cyclists being injured in an RTA.

Here to help

If you’re a cyclist who has been injured in an accident as a result of a road traffic collision, and the collision occurred as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Our specialist cycling accident solicitors have a wealth of experiencing and are perfectly placed to ensure you achieve the maximum amount of financial compensation for your claim, as well as securing the best possible rehabilitative care for you to ensure you recover as quickly as possible.

Our team also works on a no win no fee basis, meaning you have less financial obligations and you can focus on what matters most, your recovery.

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