Pothole Claims

Whether you’re in the countryside or an urban area, potholes can spell disaster for cyclists. Getting your wheel caught in one or suffering a puncture because of a pothole is becoming one of the more common cycling accidents that our team of expert cycling solicitors deal with. They can cause a broad range of injuries to cyclists ranging from minor scrapes to major fractures or worse.

Why you need an expert to handle a pothole accident claim

Whilst on the surface a claim for injuries or damage suffered as a result of a pothole may seem straightforward, however, they can often be complex.

One of the difficulties that claims for these types of cycling accidents encounter is establishing whether or not the local highway authority deems the hole that caused the damage to be classified as a pothole.

Another aspect of a claim involving an injury caused by a pothole to consider is the fact that although the local authority may be responsible for ensuring the road surfaces in their area are safe, they may not have been made aware of the pothole in question.

Our team work with road specialists when handling your pothole injury claim to ensure that your case is as strong as possible and to establish that the criteria for a pothole set out by your local authority have been met.

Often this process can be lengthy and complex and having a solicitor who is a specialist in handling cycling accident claims will help improve your possibility of achieving the outcome you are hoping for.

If you’d like to discuss your potential cycling accident claim with a member of our team, we offer a free initial consultation. During this consultation, our cycling accident experts will garner more information from you to assess the viability of your compensation claim, before advising you what the next step will be for your claim.

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