Why It’s Important To Use Cycling Accident Lawyers For Your Claim

Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable types of road users in the UK, and as such they are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident. Whilst some cases may be straight forward, others can be extremely complex. If you have been involved in a cycling accident, and you want to secure compensation, hiring specialist cycling accident lawyers should be a priority, and here’s why.


Our cycling accident lawyers have represented many clients and have dealt with all manner of cycling accident claims that have arisen for a variety of reasons including potholes, a collision with another road user, a collision with a pedestrian, and car-doors opening.

The experience our cycling accident lawyers have accrued over many years of legal practice places them in the best position to handle your claim and give you the best possible chance to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your cycling accident claim.

The support of experts

Whilst our cycling accident lawyers are themselves experts in their field, they will also work alongside medical professionals who will assess your injuries and help establish the cause of your injuries as well as providing consultation and guidance as to the correct course of rehabilitative treatment, which may be needed in the aftermath of the cycling accident.

Our team will also liaise with specialist road maintenance professionals where necessary in order make your case as strong as possible as well as bike mechanics who may be able to repair any damage done to your bike.

Our team does more than help you claim

When it comes to dealing with your cycling accident compensation claim, our team believe that their role as cycling accident lawyers doesn’t just revolve around the financial aspect of the claim alone, it also revolves around caring for their clients as well as providing support for the injured party’s friends and family.

When you choose Cycle Assist to represent you in your cycling accident claim, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist solicitor. They will then liaise with you to advise you on which steps to take next, including getting assessed by a medical professional as well as gathering evidence to support your compensation claim.

If you’d like to contact our team to discuss your claim, give us a call today on 01625 506 672