Case Study 2

Circumstances of the Accident and Liability

– Our client was proceeding correctly along a road when the Defendant pulled out of a side road.

– Our client was unable to take evasive actions, resulting in a collision with the Defendant’s vehicle.

– Our Client was thrown over the top of the Defendant’s car and landed heavily on the ground.

– Our Client was taken to theatre immediately by paramedics who attended the scene.

– Our Client sustained a dislocated shoulder with a left shoulder fracture. 2 operations were needed following the accident.

– 10 days following the accident, our Client was referred to us Our Client was spoken to by a solicitor that went over the initial procedure required in order to take over conduct of our Client’s claim.

– After the circumstances of the accident were discussed and all the information needed was compiled, our Client was visited to complete initial paperwork.

– The necessary insurance and funding to protect the Client’s claim was produced upon receipt of our Client’s signed forms and the necessary documentation (Claims Notification Form) was submitted to the Third Party Insurers company thereafter.

– Within the 15 working days the Third Party Insurers have to respond to our allegations, liability was admitted and progressed by the solicitor dedicated to the case.


– Owing to the severity of the Client’s injuries, it was important that the Client received the highest standard in legal advice.

– The Solicitor’s team spoke to the Client upon receipt of his claim and assured him of all the steps that would be taking place once liability was admitted. It was explained that he would need to see an independent medical expert, namely an Orthopaedic consultant due to the severity of his injuries. It was also explained that we could coordinate any rehabilitation requirements the Client may have in order to help aid his injuries.The Client was also notified of what the Solicitor would need in order to recover all of his losses from the Defendant’s insurance company.

– All the Client’s necessary medical records were obtained from the Client’s hospital and GP, without the Client having to be involved with the process.

– The Client saw a medical expert 5 weeks following the initial accident, who conducted a consultation with our Client and drafted a comprehensive report outlining the extend of the Client’s injuries and the time it would take for the Client to revert to a pre accident state (prognosis period). The report was forwarded to the Client to make sure he was happy with its content.

– The report advised physiotherapy treatment. We immediately arranged this and provided the Client with the care he needed.


– Upon his indication that the report was satisfactory, the report along with any further losses the Client sustained was forwarded to the Third Party Insurers inviting settlement proposals.

– We made sure the Client was aware of what damages he may be entitled to due to the injuries he sustained and any further losses he incurred. Namely property damage, treatment costs and out of pocket expenses.

– Regular updates were provided to the Client of how his claim was progressing and it was made sure that our Client was reassured that any rehabilitation or further help he may need would be provided by CycleAssist.

– Negotiations are on-going with the Third Party insurers and the Client’s injuries are closely monitored to insure that any damages awarded to him include any treatment and future losses the Client has, or will incur as a result of his accident.

– The Cyclists claim will be settled once his prognosis period as advised by the medical expert has ended, and all treatment he needs has ended.

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