Case Study 1

Circumstances of the Accident and Liability

– Client telephoned us directly on the 18th May as he had been given our details from a previous satisfied client.

– Accident occurred on the 1st May, the Claimant was a cyclist and riding along Venter Street in Liverpool when the Defendant emerged from a side road colliding with the client and knocking him off his bike.

– As the accident occurred on the 1st May the claim falls within the MOJ process and so a CNF was submitted to the third party insurers on the 1st June.

– The third party insurers returned to us on the 10th June admitting liability for the accident – liability was very straightforward given that the third party pulled out from the side road.


– The Client suffered soft tissue injuries facial injuries to the forehead, chin and nose.

– The client was medically examined by a GP medical expert who stated that the client suffered soft tissue facial injuries to the forehead, chin and nose.

– The Expert also noted that the prior to the accident the Client was suffering from Nasal symptoms and that the accident had aggravated such symptoms.

-The Expert therefore recommended a further medical report from an ENT Specialist as well stating that the cuts to our client’s forehead and nose will scar permanently.

– A medical report from an ENT Specialist was obtained and the Expert stated that the client did have a pre-existing left sided nasal obstruction and that the accident has aggravated this and this caused the client to suffer from difficulty in breathing on the left side and also some minor nose bleeding.

– At the moment we are awaiting we are arranging for a professional photographer to take shots of the scarring to further support the claim


– We have now obtained all the medical evidence and are awaiting the photographs of the scarring to give an exact valuation but at the moment we have given a rough valuation of around £3500 for general damages.

– This figure will probably change depending on the severity of the scarring and we will probably obtain Counsel’s opinion when we have got the photographs of the scarring.

– The Claim has moved along quickly – we obtained all the client’s medical records and obtained 2 medical reports in support of his claim.

– We have already detailed his property damage and LOE Claim to the TPI prior to the first medical report being obtained.

– The client has also received an interim payment of £1000 from the TPI as an Interim Settlement Pack was submitted to the TPI as a further medical report was recommended by the GP Expert.

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