Woman survives cycling accident with 30ft drop

A woman has miraculously survived a cycling accident in which she was thrown down a 30ft drop and into a river. Doctors said that they were astonished she walked away with relatively minor injuries. “I must have a guardian angel looking out for me,” she said. Yvonne was riding from her home to a friends BBQ with her partner Darron McGee. Being a fairly new bike owner Yvonne took to the pavement, and when she applied her brakes to slow down, her front wheel skidded on sand, hit a bridge and threw her head-first over the side. “I realised as I was going down, ‘This is going to really hurt’. I seemed to be in the air forever,” she said. However against all odds, Yvonne missed the footings of the bridge and rocks in the river escaping with just three broken ribs, bruises on her legs and a graze to her head. Emergency services were quickly called to the scene and had to insist that Yvonne stay lying down. “I wanted to stand up but the paramedics wouldn’t let me,” she said. “At the hospital they couldn’t believe it, everyone was calling me a miracle.” Maybe taking to the pavements isn’t so safe after all?