Wirral hospital launches cycle safety campaign

In an effort to reduce the shocking number of cycle accidents on the Wirrals roads, the Hospital has launched a new safety campaign for cyclists.

Figures released by police reveal that 11 children and 63 adults were injured whilst cycling on the roads last year.  This figure is high but the data doesn’t take into account unreported incidents where injured people have attended hospital for treatment but haven’t reported it to the police.  It is thought the number of cycle accidents are actually a lot higher than official police figures.

The children’s liaison manager for Wirral hospital trust, Jillian Murray, said: “Wirral University Teaching Hospital actively promotes accident prevention as part of its commitment in helping to reduce preventable injuries coming into A&E.

“The children’s emergency department continues to work closely with local schools across Wirral on a number of safety campaigns.”

A trauma nurse specialist at Arrowe Park Hospital’s emergency unit, said: “With the warmer evenings and the lighter nights around the corner, our emergency department will unfortunately see a greater increase in cycle related injury.

“And as more of us turn to cycling as a greater form of exercise, it’s important we remind the public just how dangerous our roads can be.

“Working together with Merseyside Police, Wirral Road Safety Team and Halfords, this  is all about making sure our hospital staff, patients and visitors are fully aware about the dos and don’ts of riding safely.”

The Wirral cycle campaign will include a safe-cycling roadshow  which will emphasise safety and highlight cyclist awareness to motorists.  There will also be experts from Halfords on hand to check bikes over for free and ensure they are fit for purpose.  The Wirral Road Safety Team will also have representatives handing out information about riding safely and safe-cycle routes across the borough.

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