The Bike Ride Check List

When you go out cycling its always best to be prepared. Below we’ve compiled a list of essential kit and then further down, kit for the longer cycling journeys that you may go on. If you have any more suggestions of things we’ve missed, please leave a comment below.

Essential Gear

These are the things we think you need on every cycle ride. Helmet and safety Gear The best place to start a good cycling journey is with your own safety. Wear a good helmet that protects your head properly, and any other additional safety gear that you might want to wear such as a high-vis jacket. Mobile Phone We seriously advise that you take a mobile phone with you, especially if you are riding alone, or riding on quiet roads. If you fall off and badly injure yourself, its best to have an easy way to contact someone. Puncture Repair Kit Punchers are a cyclists worst nightmare, but the problem can easily be resolved on route if you pack a puncture repair kit. These don’t cost much and are usually pocket sized for your convenience, so there is no excuse. Pump Leading on from a puncture repair kit, a small lightweight pump is always a good idea. tires can often deflate naturally under pressure, or completely if you get a puncture, so packing one is a must! Drink Drinking regularly on your cycle ride will help you to stay hydrated and increase performance. Make sure you take something to keep your body happy while you ride. Energy drinks are good while riding, but there is no replacement for water when it comes to hydration.

Non-Essential Gear

Bike Lock If you are planning on leaving you bike somewhere, then make sure you pack a lock. As most modern bikes come with quick-release wheels you will want to ensure that your lock will run through your wheels and your frame to keep it extra safe. Quick-release wheels are very easy to take of an steal. Energy Source If you are out on a long journey then you may want to take something to eat, to maintain your energy levels and stop you from getting hungry. Cereal Bars are a great source of energy. Map Longer journeys usually mean that there is a much greater chance of getting lost, so taking a map can be a lifesaver. If you don’t have a map a print out of your route on Google Maps is a good accessible alternative. Lights If you are planning a long ride, or a ride late on then taking lights with you is a good option. Darkness can ofter settle very quickly in winter, so make sure you are prepared. That’s all for the list. Remember if you have any more tips or items for the checklist then leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list. Thanks for reading.