Why a smart turbo trainer is great option to stay safe this winter

Winter can be a tough time of year for cyclists, battling through the strong winds, wild rains and icy surfaces can take its toll on cyclists across the UK.

But for those looking to train for their next event which could be as early as spring, making sure that enough miles are logged is a vital part of their training and could make or break their performance come the day of their event.

Whilst there are several ways that you can prepare both your bike and yourself for safe winter cycling sessions, there is another option available to those who may not be able to get outside for their long rides or who fear suffering a cycling accident in adverse conditions.

Smart turbo trainers are a perfect alternative that’ll allow cyclists to train in the comfort of their own home, but also still afford a level of progression during their winter training.

What is a smart turbo trainer?

Before we share some of the best turbo trainers on the market, it’s important to understand what a smart turbo trainer is.Essentially smart turbo trainers serve the same goal as a regular turbo trainer. The beauty of them is that they allow you to complete a focused training session on your own bike inside your own home.

The difference between a regular turbo trainer and a smart turbo trainer is that the latter is able to connect to smartphones, computers and other sources of tech to give you a more in-depth view of your performance and help you get more from your training.

Similar to a wattbike in a gym, a turbo trainer allows you to carry out focused training without having to wrap up warm and head out into whatever weather that particular day offers.

Turbo trainers cater for every type of training from power-based sprint sessions to long distance rides without the cyclist having to focus on their surroundings, meaning they can put all of their focus into their training session.

Unlike their non-smart counterparts, smart turbo trainers include software such as Bluetooth, which collects and relays information to the rider in real time. They also afford the cyclist with a plethora of options, from being able to set your resistance level to mimicking a real-world ride via a computer or mobile screen.

Now that you have an understanding of what a turbo trainer offers, here are a few options that are currently available to cyclists in the UK.

CycleOps Hammer smart turbo trainer

This smart turbo trainer is a great mid-range option for those looking to carry out a tough workout. The CycleOps weighs 21kg which is relatively heavy for a turbo trainer, but the added weight, which comes from the 9kg flywheel helps give a road-like quality to the ride quality.

The unit can take 2,000 watts of cycling power and can replicate gradients of up to 20 percent.

Its bulk may not suit many households, but it is still a quality alternative to an outdoor ride if the weather isn’t favourable.

Available for £899
Buy here

TechnoGym MyCycling smart turbo trainer

This is the most expensive smart turbo trainer from the 3 on our list, but it comes from one of the most reputable manufacturers on the market. TechnoGym equipment fills gyms up and down the country and for good reason.

It’s a great looking piece of kit and its sturdy build and quality materials help it stand out from its competitors.

The turbo trainer comes with its own app which was also built by TechnoGym. The app features pre-loaded workouts which can be purchased separately and you can even choose to train with a real-life coach with advice through your earphones.

If you’re looking to take your training to new heights whilst never leaving your home, this smart turbo trainer is extremely capable of delivering a variety of quality training sessions.

Available for £1,590
Buy here

Tacx Satori smart turbo trainer

The Tacx Satori is the cheapest of the three smart turbo trainers that we have highlighted on our list. Whilst it isn’t as capable as the two options we’ve outlined above, it does offer those who are looking to get into turbo training a great introduction.

Where more expensive magnetic brakes adjust using software, the Tacx Satori must be adjusted manually, meaning you may have to interrupt your session occasionally to get the intensity that you are happy with.

Whilst it doesn’t have its own app, it is compatible with Zwift as well as a host of other third-party apps.

Available for £210
Buy here


All of the options we have shared are credible alternatives to an outdoor training session, however, we understand that nothing beats the thrill of cycling outdoors.

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