Short skirt gets cyclist Jasmijn Rijcken into trouble

A Dutch woman found herself in trouble with the NYPD this week after cycling in New York in a skirt that was allegedly too short. Jasmijn Rijcken, who works for Vanmoof, a bicycle manufacturer in Amsterdam, was pulled over by New York police for wearing an outfit that was said to be too sexy. The officer told the tourist that the skirt she was wearing was too short and that she was showing too much leg; something which could distract drivers passing by, and cause and accident. Rijcken managed to avoid a ticket by arguing that it was common place for Dutch woman to wear skirts while riding a bike. “I didn’t even thing for one second my outfit could be harmful or disturbing,” Rijcken told press. Rijcken later returned to her hotel and changed into trousers. The outfit she was wearing can be seen at t