Proposed bill set to drastically reduce cycling fatalities

MP Sir Alan Beith has urged members of parliament to back his cycling safety bill, which includes important provisions for all new lorries to be fitted with blind spot sensors. Currently some 17,000 cyclists are injured or killed each year on the UK’s roads, and the bill aims to drastically decrease these frightening figures. “The Bill is about saving the lives of vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists but also pedestrians and others. “The particular vulnerability that it deals with is caused by blind spots on heavy goods vehicles. It is a problem that is particularly acute in city traffic, especially at junctions, ” said Sir Alan Beith. However the proposed bill has been largely unwelcomed by haulage companies, who are already struggling to maintain business due to ever increasing overheads. The Bill will receive its second reading in the House of Commons on Friday 9 September. Do you think the bill will help with cycling fatalities? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.