Police fear increase in cycle accidents as Tour de France fever begins

A cycle accident near the Tour de France route in Yorkshire has sparked fears of further accidents as the infamous race approaches.

The accident, which involved a car and a cyclist, occurred close to the route of Stage 1 of the Tour de France.  The cyclist was seriously injured and had to be rushed to hospital.  The incident has highlighted the potential for more accidents as the police expect the Tour to attract thousands of keen cyclist enthusiasts to the area.

A police spokesperson said:

 ‘Unfortunately, a cyclist was badly injured in the Yorkshire Dales at the weekend and with the roads likely to get busier and busier with cyclists over the next few months it is important that we try to prevent any further casualties.’

 ‘The narrow country roads and steep hills in the Dales can be very challenging, even to experienced riders, and it is vital that cyclists are aware of this before they visit North Yorkshire. It is not uncommon for long straights to be followed by tight bends or T-junctions and it is imperative that cyclists have the skills and knowledge to negotiate these obstacles. Please ride within your limits and don’t ride beyond your capabilities.’

Local police are keen to raise awareness of the potential dangers of small country roads and have been distributing cycle safety leaflets and posters to key areas such as bike centres and cafe stops in the area.  The police campaign aims to increase bike awareness to other road users as well, at this busy time of the year.

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