Penalties proposed for drivers who overtake cyclists in restricted areas

The Department of Transport has revealed new road safety proposals, which are currently under review, which may see motorists receiving a £100 fine and 3 penalty points for overtaking a cyclist and exceeding a 15mph limit where cyclists have the priority.

The government has called the project ‘Cycle Streets’ and it aims to provide increased safety measures on certain urban roads where bikes will have priority over cars.  It’s one of a number of improvements that have been suggested to make our city roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.  Cities to test the suitability of the proposed system will include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle upon Tyne and Oxford. 

The DfT proposal document says:

“This is a bold initiative, which is being considered by some of the Cycle Cities and London, possibly including a ban on overtaking on lightly trafficked roads where cycle flows are high. Subject to any scheme trial, this prohibition could be accompanied by an advisory speed limit of 15mph,”

It is hoped that the consultation process for this document will finish in June 2014 and it is one of a string of measures proposed by the DfT to reduce some of the 19,000 cyclist injuries which occur on the UK roads each year. 

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