Olympic Champion Chris Hoy Reveals ET Inspired Him to Start Cycling

Britain’s six-time Olympic cycling Champion, Chris Hoy has revealed that Steven Spielberg’s film ‘ET’ was the reason that he first got on a bike.

“There was a scene where they were going over jumps and they’re getting chased by the police and I thought ‘wow that looks fantastic’,” Hoy told reporters on Wednesday.

“Shortly after that I got a BMX bike and I took up BMX racing and that set me on the path to where I am today.”

Taking time to reflect on his career as the most successful British Olympian of all time, Hoy said that increase funding, hard work and attention to detail were the key ingredients in the winning formula that got him seven gold medals, one silver and a bronze in track cycling and one of each on road.

Hoy also revealed that tiny details were to thank for pushing him to the next level of competitive riding:

Hours were spent in the wind tunnel experimenting with riding positions, and ‘hot pants’ were designed  and developed to keep his muscles warm between warming up and actually going out on to the track to race.

“We’re not trying to improve one area by 10 percent, we’re trying to improve all areas by 0.1 percent and when you put them all together that’s when you get this significant gain.”

Hoy added that all of his medals were helped by the thunderous support that he received at the Olympic Velodrome.

“Once you cross the line and you hear that roar, there is nothing like it,” he said.

Source: https://yhoo.it/NunJmW