New York To Introduce Bicycle Licence Plates?

New York state are on the verge of introducing controversial new legislation, where all adult cyclists will be required to purchase a license plate for their bicycle. If the plans go ahead, it is estimated that the plates could cost $20 – $30, earning the state almost $300,000 annually. Lawmakers are also proposing that cameras be installed on cycle paths to catch those not wearing helmets. “We would put cameras in bicycle lanes to make sure that bicyclists are wearing their helmets and have their lights on and are riding in a manner which is accustomed to the lane or if they’re being reckless and endangering and hurting others. “I believe it also gives more credibility to bicyclists, making them more a part of the road, ” announced Queens Assembly member, Michael DenDeckker. On top of the already outrageous plans, all bikes would be required to pass an annual inspection, and commercially-operated bicycles will require cycling insurance. To read more information on this story please visit the source here: