London Cycling Routes

Many of you that live in London will use your bikes to get around, often to get to work and occasionally as a way of keeping fit. Cycling is a surprisingly fast way to get around busy city centres, where traffic is dense. It wouldn’t really be that much faster to drive in some areas, and there is the added bonus that it keeps you fit. Finding good places to ride in London can be tricky, however there are a number of great websites that aim to provide you with London cycling routes. These routes are mainly for recreation, however you may be able to incorporate them in to your cycle to work if you have the time. A good place to start looking is the Transport for London website, which is a Government website full of routes, hire information and more. The Cycle Route website is also a fantastic resource of London based cycling routes. Each one is drawn out on top of Google Maps. They also give you distances and difficulty, which is very useful if you find your cycling a little inconsistent, or don’t feel as though you can handle much. You can visit that here: If you are really serious about using London as your place for cycling then our final recommendation is an e-book published by London Cyclist. The book helps you get out of central London to enjoy some ‘pollution free’ cycling. You also get maps of all the routes and much more. If you’d like to find out more visit the website here. Its a great blog too!