How to keep your bike safe at home

Whilst most cyclists rightly focus on enjoying their ride and ensuring every ride is safe, there is one element of cycling that can often be overlooked, and that is secure storage for your bike or bikes.

Bikes can range from hundreds of pounds to thousands of pounds, but every owner has the same passion for their chosen bike, therefore it’s logical to want to ensure your bike is exactly where you left it when you come to ride it each day.

According to recent figures, annual insurance claims for bike theft are approximately total £7.5 million per year and in the UK a bike is stolen every six minutes.

To ensure you can leave your bike without having to worry about its whereabouts you have two options for storing your set of wheels. The first is indoors and the second is outdoors.

In this article, we’ll explore both options, highlighting how you can keep your pride and joy safe inside your home and outdoors.


For many cyclists, the usual place to keep their bike is outdoors. However, keeping a bike outside can have a big impact on the longevity of the bike itself and over time it can result in the degradation of key parts, compromising the overall safety of the bike.

Keeping your bike sheltered is essential and thankfully, there are more options than ever before for those who keep their bikes in their gardens, yards or outside spaces.

First and foremost you need to think about the security of your bike if you opt to keep it outdoors. Investing in a gold-standard cycle lock should be your first port of call and you can learn all about how you can pick the right lock for you in our ultimate guide to buying a bike lock.

Make sure you lock your bike to something that is solid and can’t be cut or removed along with your bike attached. If you don’t already have something outdoors that can be used, a floor anchor is a great installation to opt for.

It is secured to the ground and allows you to interweave your bike lock and fasten it to the floor anchor itself.

Once you’ve got your security measures in place it’s time to start thinking about protecting your bike from the elements. Rain can corrode even the hardiest of bikes if it is left exposed for prolonged periods of time.

Bike covers

Bike covers offer an affordable and efficient way of keeping any bike, that’s kept outside, safe come hail, rain or shine.

At a bare minimum your chosen cover needs to protect your handlebars, front and rear brakes and your chainset, however if you’re going to invest in outdoor protection for your bike, it’s wise to opt for a cover that you can place your bike inside and tie at the bottom, this locks out any unwanted moisture and air that might otherwise accelerate the corrosion process.

Covers like the Pro Bike Tool are ideal, however, no matter which bike cover you do choose, ensure it is waterproof, windproof and that it can be secured easily, otherwise the British weather may get the best of it and you’ll need to reinvest.

Dedicated secure storage solutions

For those who have a large enough outside space at their home, it may be worth investing in a dedicated storage solution for your bike.

There are many options available for those looking for purpose-built storage spaces for their bike. These solutions often come in the shape of a secure box-like structure with one entrance and a host of security features.

Bike storage boxes like the Bike Vault, are made from durable materials that are designed to deter thieves and keep your bike safe in any weather. They also often come with an internal floor anchor, meaning you can lock your bike to the anchor whilst also utilising the added security features of the storage space, which often include several locking mechanisms and flor bolts.

Garden sheds and garages

Sheds and garages are the most popular places to store a bike for households in the UK, however, this makes them a prime target for thieves.

Many sheds and garages have basic locks such as padlocks or combination locks, however, these can often be overcome with basic tools.

To keep your bike as safe as possible it may require some additional expense. Reinforcing the doors of either the shed or garage is a quick way to improve the security of your bike as well as any other tools or items you may also be storing. CCTV cameras can also act as effective deterrents for thieves.

Whilst spending a little extra may not sound appealing when you have just spent potentially hundreds or thousands of pounds on your bike, that extra investment in improving your outdoor storage solutions will be worth its weight in gold when you consider the peace of mind it can give you.

Indoor solutions

Outdoor storage solutions may be great for those who have the space to utilise them, however, many cyclists live in urban areas where outdoor space comes at a premium.

As a result of this, some cyclists are forced to keep their bikes inside their homes in order to ensure they are secure from thieves.

Whilst solutions such as storage boxes like the Bike Vault, could technically be used inside the home, they don’t necessarily add anything of aesthetic value to the interior of a home.

However, for those looking to store inside their home, there’s good news. In 2019 there are a host of storage solutions for bikes that have to be kept indoors, with many utilising the bikes form and transforming it into a feature of the home itself.

Below we have outlined some of the ways that you can make the most of storing your bike indoors.

Utilise wall space

Most homes in the UK will have a large empty wall space somewhere in the house, whilst some may choose to hang a piece of art or some family photographs to fill the space, cyclists have another option, use it to store your bike.

There are many solutions available, but one that is worth noting is the Hornet Clug. Available for a road, mountain or leisure bike, the Hornet Clug enables a clean and easy way for cyclists to use empty wall space to store their bike by locking the front wheel on the wall.

This is cost-effective thanks to the modest price of the Clug and the ease with which it can be installed.

Keep it horizontal

Whilst the Hornet Clug is great for vertical storage, if you have multiple bikes in your arsenal, then you may need something a little more comprehensive.

Racks like the Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Rack offer cyclists a means of keeping their bike horizontal, whilst also utilising vertical space. The Gear Up Lean Machine Gravity Rack provides the perfect solution to store up to 2 bikes and can also come with an oak finish, making your bikes into the perfect pieces of wall art.

Keep it simple

If wheeling your bike up the wall to secure its front tyre in the Hornet Clug, or fastening several fixings to secure your bike in place on the Gravity Rack doesn’t tickle your fancy, then why not opt for simplicity at its finest?

A simple wall post may not be an interior designers dream accessory for your home, but products like the Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post are a cyclist’s dream if you’ve had a long hard day at work followed by a tough commute home.

Simply wheel your bike into your home and pop the underside of the saddle on the Wall Post and your bike will be off the ground, out of the way and ready for your next ride.

How Cycle Assist can help you

Whilst we have outlined several ways you can keep your bike safe and in prime condition whilst it’s stationary, the fact is, bikes are meant to be ridden and with each ride there are risks.

Cyclists face potential dangers each time they ride and unfortunately, accidents do happen.

If you are involved in a cycling accident and it wasn’t your fault, then our team of cycling accident solicitors are here to help.

Our solicitors are passionate about cycling and want to ensure that if you have suffered a cycling accident, you have the opportunity to make the best recovery possible.

If you would like to start a free no-obligation enquiry for your bicycle accident case, please contact us either by phoning us on 01625 506 672 or by filling out our online enquiry form by clicking here.