Football legend Bob Wilson gears up for 500 mile cycle

Former Scotland and Arsenal goalkeeper, Bob Wilson is to cycle to every single Premier League ground in a bid to raise £250,000 for charity. He plans to complete the trip in just 10 days. Wilson started his epic tour yesterday from Fulham’s football ground and hopes to raise at least £250,000 for his charity Willows, which he himself set up 12 years ago in memory of his late daughter. Wilson has spent the past 5 months training for the event, cycling between 20 and 50 miles, four times a week around his home town. “My two sons, John and Robert, think I’m mad for attempting this and my grandchildren can’t get their heads around poppa wearing lycra, but they’ve all been so supportive, as I’m sure Anna would have been too. She was that sort of person. I hope I can make her proud,” Wilson added. For more information on the event you can visit