Work begins on “Dutch style” cycle lane in Bristol

Work has commenced on a new cycleway linking Bristol and Keynsham along part of the river Avon. 

The segregated cycle lane will run the length of Clarence Road in Bedminster, one of Bristol’s busiest roads, and be part of the new, traffic free, Avon promenade.    

Clarence road will be narrowed in places with, parking bays removed and the cycleway and a footpath constructed. Work is due be completed by the end of the summer.

The cycle lane is expected to cost approx £380,000 and it is hoped that it will encourage more people to cycle to their destinations thus reducing traffic and pollution in the Bedminster area.  The new cycleway will be a safer alternative to the current road design and hopefully make cycling a more popular choice of transport in the same way it is in Amsterdam.

 George Ferguson, the Mayor of Bristol, said funds for the project were secured from the Sustainable Transport Fund and the Local Enterprise Zone.  He said the project is the “first step towards making this part of Bristol a more accessible, safer and pleasant place to walk and cycle”.

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