Get ready for winter with our top tips for safe cycling

Time to give yourself and your bicycle a winter check up!

Autumn is finally here and whilst many parts of the UK have been enjoying unseasonably high temperatures in recent weeks, there is definitely a nip in the air. Temperatures are dropping particularly at night and in the early morning with ground frosts and low lying mists causing poor road conditions for cyclists.  

The extreme wind and torrential rain is also not helping in some parts of the country and this combined with continuing poor road and cycle lane surfaces means that commuting to work by bike is not for the faint hearted.  Please find below some tips to keep you cycling safely.

  • VISIBILITY – MAKE SURE YOU CAN BE SEEN –Regardless of the weather conditions the most important tip to being safe is how well you are seen by other road users.  Wear high visibility clothing, fit high beam lights (front and back) and reflective strips to your bike.
  • Give your bike an full MOT –Check your tyre condition and change them to winter tyres (if you have them).  You can also get commuter tyres which are specially designed to be puncture proof and provide excellent grip which is ideal with icy conditions and extra debris on the roads.  Check your brakes!  They need to be in good working order as they will save your life if you need to stop suddenly, take your bike into a bike shop if you are unsure.  Give your bike a good clean including the reflectors and lights.
  • Choose your route carefully- If the weather conditions are bad, particularly if it’s windy, then consider if cycling is a good choice for your journey.  It is not advisable to cycle if black ice is about so check online for your local road conditions before you venture out.
  • If you are prepared to battle the elements then remember to choose a route that has a good road surface and has good visibility and is quiet (traffic wise).  Bad weather often leads to other road users being late for work and therefore are likely to make mistakes.
  • Wrap up warm – Get yourself wrapped up in suitability cycle wear which will protect you against colder mornings, strong winds and showers.

These all seem fairly obvious safety precautions to take but it can be a dangerous time for cyclist’s and so it is important to remind ourselves of the basics, as the seasons are changing.

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