Cycling Generates £3billion for UK Economy

According to new studies, cycling is generating around £3billion of the UK’s annual economy.

The new figures take in to account a wide variety of factors such as bike manufacturing, bike sales and bike renting.

23,000 of UK people are now said to be working in cycling related jobs.

Its now also thought that there are around 3million regular cyclists here in the UK; an increase of 1million people compared to 2009.

The reports that we released by the London School of Economics (LSE) also prove that those saddling up and cycling to work are taking fewer sick days, saving the economy around £128million due to the cut in absenteeism.

Dr Alexander Grous, of the LSE said, “The good news is that structural, economic, social and health factors seem finally to have created a true step-change in the UK’s cycling scene.”

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