Cyclists urged to watch out for puddles

Cyclists world wide are being warned to look out for deep puddles, which may hide uncovered manholes and potholes. This week a man in the USA was hospitalised after riding into a puddle which disguised an open manhole. The unfortunate 64 year old was knocked unconscious, completely shattered his helmet and had to be treated for possible spinal cord injuries. Deep puddles can ofter form around sewer gates and flooded manholes, making them exceptionally dangerous to riders. The advice has been to avoid deep looking puddles and to stay aware of the road ahead. Cyclist are also being advised to avoid riding over visible manhole covers in the off-chance that they could be broken. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident that has been the result of a pothole in the road then you could be entitled to compensation. To speak to a cycling accident specialist, contact us today on 01625 506 655, or use our contact form here.