Cyclist hit by car awarded nearly £14m compensation

A cyclist who sustained devastating injuries when he was struck by a car has been awarded almost £14m in compensation. The man involved was 28 when the bicycle incident happened, and is now 38. He suffered brain damage, severe injuries to the face, facial nerve palsy and lost the use of his right arm. As a result of these terrible injuries, the man suffered some loss of cognitive function, significant loss of short term memory and the loss of some vision from both his eyes. His life expectancy was also reduced by a staggering five years. Because of the severity of the injuries caused in the cycling accident his accommodation had to be specially adapted, and he will require 24hr car for the remainder of his life. The cyclists took legal action against the driver of the vehicle and alleged that he had attempted to overtake in an area that was unsafe to do so. Liability was accepted by the driver. He was awarded a total of £13,863,138 by Guernsey Court of Appeal, which pays for any loss of future earnings, the 24hr care required for the rest of the cyclists life and for all the pain and suffering that he went through. This case is a strong example to anyone who has been involved in a bicycle accident to seek legal action. If you feel that you could be entitled to compensation for a cycling incident that wasn’t your fault then you should seek professional legal action from Cycle Assist, a leading cycling solicitor. Tel: 01625 506655 Or use our contact form. Thanks for reading.