Cyclist avoids Leopard attack using mountain bike

A South African man who was attacked by a leopard on his way to work, was able to fend off the wild animal using quick thinking and his mountain bike. Pieta Ncube used his mountain bike to prevent a fatal attack after he became aware the Leopard was behind him and ready to pounce. “I slowed down to see what was behind me,” he said. “I was just able to use my bike to stop him getting me. Ncube used the triangle shaped frame of his bike to trap the two font legs of the animal so that it could not move freely enough to get its claws and teeth near him. He then grabbed a metal bar that was conveniently attached to his bike and bashed the attacker around the head several times. The wild beast then ran off back into the bush. Ncube suffered several injuries to the back of his head and arms during the attack which he nursed himself at the scene. He then called his boss for help. Police have launched a full scale search for the leopard following this attack, which happened in Brits, an area in South Africa’s North West Province.