TV show to promote safe cycling across Humber region

A new 6 part TV series sponsored by Safer Roads Humber is set to show off the regions beautiful countryside but also highlight the importance of drivers and riders sharing the roads safely and respectfully.

The programme called ‘On Your Bike’ will show a presenter cycling from the cobbled streets to busy shorelines of famous beach resorts and along the way he describes his experiences as a cyclist:

“As well as becoming slightly fitter, I’ve learned about the world of cycling and the fantastic community cyclists belong to, from local clubs to engaging personalities.”

It is hoped that the series will appeal to cycling enthusiasts and demonstrate the enjoyment that can be had from exploring our countryside on two wheels.

The programme has been sponsored by Safer Roads Humber which is a partnership organisation working towards reducing crashes and casualties on the region’s roads.  

Safer Roads spokesperson commented: 

“We were awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in December 2014 for the work we do to raise awareness of cycle safety and we were very pleased to continue this work by sponsoring On Your Bike – a TV series which communicates to cyclists and drivers the importance of sharing the road.

“We have a Cycle Yorkshire – Ride The Routes app and Facebook page, an Urban Cycle Guide which is available on YouTube and undertake radio and bus back campaigns to ask drivers and cyclists to look out for each other.

“We hope, by raising awareness of road safety issues, that cyclists are able to use roads safely.”

On Your Bike will be broadcast weekly from Friday 10 July on Estuary TV (Freeview channel 8 and Virgin Media channel 159).

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