School teacher left in critical condition after cycling accident

Another cycling accident has occurred as a woman was airlifted to hospital after she collided with a car whilst racing in a long distance cycling event.

The P.E. teacher who was left severely injured was taken to Cardiff hospital after being thrown from her bike whilst taking part in a sportive in South Wales.

The headteacher of the school where the injured cyclist works said:

“She is a much loved, energetic and highly respected colleague. The news of her accident has shocked everyone at the school and all members of the school and the wider community wish her a speedy recovery.”

“The fact that she has just raised £1,100 for charity, is a testament to her dedication, commitment and selflessness.”

In acknowledgement of the injured cyclist’s fundraising endeavours, her friends and family have set up a Just Giving page in a bid to raise as much money as possible to help with any costs she might incur during her recovery process.

Her friend who was riding in the sportive at the time of her friend’s cycling accident revealed that the injured cyclist was training to take part in the notoriously difficult Ironman Wales challenge later in the year. described her as a

The message left by her friends on the injured cyclist’s Just Giving page revealed that “We still don’t know the extent of her injuries but we do know that it will be a long recovery. We would like to raise money for her and the family whatever their needs may be.”

Police are continuing to investigate the accident and are looking for any witnesses who saw the crash to come forward.

As we know, cycling accidents can be devastating.  A cyclist can often be left dazed and confused or worse after an accident and it is important to try and get witnesses to give you their details if they saw what happened and contact the Police immediately.

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