Release of smart’er’ gadgets for cycle safety

Garmin is well known in the field of satellite navigation gadgets for cycling and has been busy continuing to develop its range of smart cycling safety devices.  They have recently unveiled the Varia line which boasts an innovative rear view bike radar and ‘smart’ bike lights to provide added safety features to your bike.

Being visible to other road users is essential for the safety of cyclists, especially when cycling in poor conditions. Many cyclist have their lights permanently on day or night to help ensure they are seen at all times. Garmin have now developed a small radar tail light transmitter, a radar display unit and smart bike lights to help increase cyclist visibility.

The technology works by alerting the drivers of vehicles that they are approaching a cyclist.  The radar transmitter, attached to the rear of the bike, can detect up to eight vehicles at any one time from 150 m away and sends a signal to the display unit.  The unit then activates the smart lights to get brighter and start to flash quicker the closer the vehicle gets to the bike.

As an additional bonus feature of the smart lights, when linked with a Garmin GPS computer, the headlamp will automatically adjusts the light-beam’s projection dependent the speed registered.  Garmins marketing blurb suggests  ‘the theory being to light the road where you need it most.’

At present these radar’s and smart lights are new technology and the price reflects this but it is comforting to know that research and development is continuing with safety for the cyclist as its priority.

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