Helmet Camera’s can help cyclists’ compensation claim

Once extremely expensive, the helmet camera has seen a rise in popularity recently, particularly as it has become more affordable but why?

You can now purchase these handy gadgets for as little as £40 with the more sophisticated technology still being reasonable at around £150.  So is this desire to record our cycle journeys down to the reduction in price or is there an increased need for cyclists to protect themselves should an accident occur.  

It is a simple fact that in most cases, when it is car versus cycle, the car wins every time.  Cyclist are dismounted from their bikes and are left disorientated, confused, seriously injured and in many cases, completely unable to recall the accident happening.  This can be a problem when finding out who is to blame because often the driver’s response is to say “he or she came from nowhere!”  The Police have to rely on road markings and witness statements to try and accurately assess what happened.

By using these cameras, which record exactly what the rider can see, when glancing behind, to the side and ahead, it provides an accurate account of the moments leading up to the accident and can provide valuable evidence when claiming compensation.  So be aware that if you cycle a lot, in busy traffic or at night, then a decent camera may prevent an unsuccessful compensation claim in the unfortunate event of you being involved in a road traffic accident.

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