Government blamed for reduction in cycling in the south

Recent official figures are showing a decline in the number of adults cycling at least once a month compared to last year.

 The Department for Transport released data which revealed that there was a drop from 15.3% to 14.7% of adults who cycle on average once a month which equates to over a third of a million cyclists.  The decline was found to be particularly prominent in the South West, South East and East of England but there was no change in London and the West Midlands.
Cycling bodies such as Sustrans and CTC are blaming the Government for this decline citing reduced funding in cycling infrastructure has led to bad road surfaces and poorly maintained/lack of cycle lanes and paths and also argue that the reduction in police budgets has led to less visible traffic policing which has had a knock on effect with poor road traffic enforcement.  They feel this has meant cyclists no longer feel as safe on the roads with increasing road users driving dangerously. 
Chris Peck, from the CTC: “The Government has not really done very much since the middle of last year and the continuing lack of enforcement is clearly a problem in terms of people’s lack of safety.”
“Cyclists will not just miraculously grow without local authorities building facilities and the Government improving traffic law enforcement.”
Claire Francis, Spokesperson for Sustrans charity, said: “It is a damning reflection on road safety in the UK that cycling levels have decreased over the last year; but the few areas where numbers have increased show when decision makers put their minds and resources into increasing cycling, real progress can be made.”
 “We urgently need dedicated investment in walking and cycling, to allow more people to make healthier everyday journeys by bike.”
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