Cycle paths not fit for purpose

As council budgets tighten, it seems that essential cycle pathways are being neglected and are not being maintained adequately.

Many cyclists rely on particular cycle pathways to get to work safely and there are reports from angry riders that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to cycle to work with routes becoming obstructed by overgrown hedges and unkempt grass verges.  

With the warm summer we have experienced recently there has been a surge of growth in trees, hedgerows and grassland and as a result there have been complaints with regards to trees, hedgerows, brambles and nettles blocking or obscuring the cycle highways as well as the usual suspects of potholes and poor maintained cycle path surfaces.  It is the Councils responsibility to maintain official cycle highways and problems should be reported to your local council directly. 

One angry cyclist who makes a 50 minute journey each way to work believes his cycle path has deteriorated considerably in the last 2 years.

He said: “It’s appalling. The potholes are ridiculous and they are up to 10 ins deep in some places.

“When it rains there are puddles everywhere. There are brambles and weeds overgrowing it.

“My bike is adapted for it but anyone else who wanted to use it would be put off so what is the point of putting a cycle path in if you are not going to maintain it?

“There is only one way things are going at the moment and that is the closure of the path.

“I would like to see someone take responsibility for it.”


If you have been injured in as a result of poorly maintained cycle pathway such as hitting a pothole or an obstruction or you know someone who has, then contact our specialist solicitors today on 01625 506655 to discuss your circumstances.  We are experts in accidents involving cyclists and can talk you through your potential compensation claim.