Cycle path design raises safety concerns for cyclists

A new cycle path, built to provide a safe passage for cyclists and to encourage more people to cycle, has become the subject of debate after cyclists argue it is dangerous, not fit for purpose and therefore a complete waste of money.

Hampshire County Council installed the Brockenhurst cycle path last month and has already had to review its design after cyclists found floors in its safety.  The path runs from Lymington Road, heading north-west into Brookley Road and there is a section of the path, which members of the cycling community argue, forces cyclists to quickly manoeuvre around legally parked cars giving very little time to respond and then cycle dangerously back onto the main road.

One of the cyclist’s who uses the cyclepath said:

“This particular scheme has introduced a short section, approximately 3m, of dedicated cycling infrastructure at the entrance/exit to Brockenhurst station. Whilst the short length of the cycle route is of concern, the main issue seems to be that cyclists using the route are placed on a collision course with vans and cars legally parked on Brookley Rd.

“I am as convinced as I can be that no cyclist was involved in the design or implementation of this scheme, and would question how it has been approved from a safety perspective.

“Another concern involves the cost of the scheme. I understand that the scheme was funded by the National Park Authority using grant funding from the Department for Transport, funding which the National Park Authority originally applied for to deliver a public bike share scheme.”

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