Council under fire for dangerous cycle lanes

A busy road has become the target of much moaning and consternation after the local council put cycle lane markings down but did not replace the central markings.  The result has been called a ‘death trap’ and the road users have complained that it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

The result of the 5ft cycle lanes and no central markings is that the cars and HGv’s are now pushed towards each other to stay out of the cycle lanes as the road is not wide enough.  

The council have claimed that the reason behind the decision was that the cycle lanes are actually advisory lanes which advertise the presence of the Hadrian’s Cycleway route 72, which passes through the village and this in turn has the effect of reducing vehicle speeds.  But motorists argue that the extra wide cycle lanes were painted with no prior warning and cause more hazards than reduce them.

One road user commented: ‘There’s a point in the road where cars are travelling around a blind bend in opposite directions on what has become one carriageway.

‘There have been reports of some near-misses but it’s surely a matter of time before there’s a serious accident.  

‘The white lines along the centre of the road suddenly disappear with cycle lanes appearing on both sides. I got the shock of my life when I came across a van driving straight at me.’

A village parish council member said: ‘The clanger was the county council didn’t consult, so nobody knew about it. It’s caused mayhem and left a lot of people confused.’

 ‘I’m an occasional cyclist myself and would usually support this type of thing, but nobody can deny the way it has been handled is stupid.’ 


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