Company trials new cycle safety shield on their tipper trucks

A contractor company is trialling a new safety system on their haulage vehicles in the hope that it will help reduce the risk of cyclists or pedestrians from getting caught under the huge and heavy wheels of their tipper trucks.

The safety shield basically fills the gap between the front and back wheel axels and goes all the way to the floor and the idea is that should a cyclist be nudged, hit a pothole or collide with the truck then it will be impossible for the cyclist or pedestrian to get dragged in and under the back wheels which causes fatalities.

The company has also added plastic panels made by DawesGuard which should reduce the risk of clothing or bicycle parts becoming entangled in the tippers wheels and under carriage.

The cycle safety inventions are the brainchild of a former Metropolitan Police motorcycle officer, James Dawes who has spent three years designing ways to improve pedestrian and cycle safety through his company Dawes Highway Safety.

The companies head of haulage operations said: “When it comes to the safety of our drivers and other road users we are constantly seeking ways to improve standards through training and investment in the latest safety technology. CCTV equipment is fitted to the front, offside and nearside of all our tipper trucks along with cycle and pedestrian sensor systems. Other safety features include side under-run guards, reversing cameras and white noise reversing sirens, cab operated air tailgate systems, front and rear strobe lighting and hydraulic load sensors.”

James Dawes said: “It’s a real landmark day for Dawes Highway Safety to see the DawesGuard being trialled by Keltbray. They have been fantastic supporters of our design and are seeking to improve the road safety of their tipper fleet with innovative new technology as part of their commitment to road safety.”

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