City plans for Copenhagen styled segregated cycle lane

Leeds City Council’s chief highways and transportation officer has approved a new cycle path scheme to increase cycle safety on a notorious black spot accident area. Leeds local press have reported that there are plans to plough investment into the cities transport infrastructure after accident blackspots have caused 59 people to be injured in traffic collisions and, of these people, a high proportion are cyclists,  32 in fact.

The existing painted cycle lane is clearly not doing its job and so, in response to the high numbers of road traffic collisions involving cyclists, the council is considering Copenhagen styled segregated cycle lanes and junctions with road speed tables and pedestrian priority, which will prevent further injuries to cyclists and pedestrians.

The blackspot area under consideration is an 850m stretch of cycle lane where the 32 cycling accidents occurred since September 2012.

£245,000 has been ring-fenced for investment into the new cycle path after previous safety initiatives have failed to reduce the numbers of accidents on this stretch of highway.

The current cycle path has failed to make cyclists clearly visible and to protect them from drivers who are turning left , across the cycle path, up adjoining side streets.

A spokesperson from the Leeds Cycle Forum commented on the plans: “The forum members were in favour of the scheme and saw it as a change in a positive direction.”


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