Brave cyclist who lost both legs in cycle accident campaigns for safe cycle path

 A keen cyclist who was in a horrific accident four years ago, has taken up a crusade to ensure other cyclists can cycle safely.  His accident occurred when he was cycling across a bridge and collided with a BMW resulting in him losing both his legs.  He had to spend 3 months in hospital learning to walk again using prosthetics.

Although the cyclist suffered life changing injuries, he still loves to ride and now uses a tricycle, however the experience has made him even more passionate about improving the cycle ways around Penzance, so that cyclists don’t have to use busy and often dangerous roads.

At present the cycle path has lots of dips and holes, as a result of being constructed using compacted earth.  These holes often fill with water when it rains and are a problem for cyclists and walkers.  There are also sections that are made of ‘honeycomb’ paving which is designed for vehicle car parks and are incredibly uncomfortable to ride on as they jar the bikes suspension.

The injured cyclist is fighting for a new cycle path that is fit for purpose and safe to use for cyclists and walkers alike.

“Cormac has done a great job at the Newlyn end of the route and there is good access from the old station car park into Marazion,” he said.

“Now we need to push on and sort out the middle section – which is a disgrace.

“I’ve spoken to a Sustrans rep at Cornwall Council who has advocated a ‘black top’ road surfacing for the two-mile stretch which is at present hardcore.

“With improvement, this route would be the preferred option for cyclists travelling in or out of Penzance in any direction and if the footbridge was ramped, it would provide a safer route for cyclists and disability scooters than having to use the dangerous Tesco roundabout and Chyandour Cliff.

“The last thing we need here in Penwith is to be named and shamed among cyclists as having the weakest link in the network.”

Your council has a duty to provide you with safe highways that are fit for purpose.  If you see potholes or damage to cycle paths then let your local authority know and hopefully they will be quickly repaired and will prevent unnecessary accidents in the future.