Birmingham Council Raise ‘No Cycling’ Signs Along Major Cycling Route

Cyclists have been left baffled and confused after Birmingham Council erected a series of misleading ‘no cycling’ signs along a major cycling route.

Several signs have been placed along Route 5 of a cycling network installed by transport charity, Sustrans.

A spokesperson for Sustrans said: “It seems clear the signs need replacing to tell legitimate users of National Cycle Network that they are to continue on the road. We would suggest a simple sign saying Cyclist Rejoin Carriageway.”

The charity has ordered them to be removed immediately.

However the council say that the signs will stay and are intended to ensure that cyclists use the road and not the pavement.

The authorities said they erected the signs after complaints from local residents that cyclists were riding on the footpath.

A local 64-year-old cyclists said: “The signs are just wrong and it looks silly having a National Cycle Route sign with a No Cycling sign right next to it”

“I don’t think it’ll cause an accident, but people will ignore the signs which is bad in itself.”