The best reflective gear to help you stay safe this winter

Autumn is here, the days are slowly getting shorter and it’s that time of the year when lights and reflective gear get dusted off for the office commute.

Thankfully the days of wearing clothing only designed to be reflective and nothing more are over. These days clothing manufacturers have identified that the performance of the clothing is just as important to some riders as the protective element of the clothing.

With daylight hours coming at a premium during the winter months it’s inevitable that you’ll be riding in low-light conditions.

In order to help you reduce the risk of being involved in a cycling accident, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best reflective clothing and accessories that will help you stay visible from head to toe over the coming months.

BTR helmet cover

1. BTR High Visibility Waterproof Helmet Cover

If you’re the type of cyclist who loves low-cost high-level reflective equipment then you’ll really appreciate the BTR helmet cover.

It has reflective elements no matter which angle you view it at and it packs small enough to fit into your pocket when it’s not needed, making it a quick and easy method of keeping your head visible to other road users.

The cover also has the added benefit of being waterproof.

The cover fixes over your helmet and stays secure thanks to its elasticated hem and has an inbuilt drawstring in case you need to adjust it.

The BTR cover is one of the cheapest pieces of reflective gear on this list, but it provides excellent value for money for those looking to add a little extra reflective gear to their ride.

Price: £7.99
Available to buy here

Proviz cycling helmet

2. Proviz Reflect 360 helmet

If you’re fashion conscious with a big budget and don’t fancy a removable reflective cover to make your head visible, then the Proviz Reflect 360 helmet should suit you perfectly.

The helmet which is engineered and constructed in Germany uses something called the KStar reflective system. This system means that the helmet is embedded with reflective particles meaning it has a reflective coating that can’t be affected by the weather.

By day the helmet is a light grey colour, but by night it transforms into a bright white colour when it is in direct light from other road users.

Price: £79.99
Available to buy here

3. Endura Luminite 2 Jacket

If you’re looking for a commuter-friendly waterproof jacket that will keep your torso visible when you’re on the roads then the Endura Luminite 2 cycling jacket ticks all the boxes.

Endura has been producing high-quality cycling clothing and accessories for a number of years now and their latest jacket doesn’t disappoint.

The luminous fabric used to create the jacket is breathable and has fully taped seams, meaning it lets out unwanted heat moisture and doesn’t let rain in.

There is an abundance of reflective chevrons across the torso and the sleeves for great all-round visibility and its generous cut means it will fit without being constrictive on your ride.

The jackets showpiece is its built-in LED light on the back for extra safety.

The jacket is available in black, green and yellow and is a great jacket for the daily commuter or casual racer who is looking to stay dry and visible.

Price: £95.00
Available to buy here

4. Endura Lumigilet

We understand that some riders find jackets constrictive on their rides, cue the Endura Lumigilet.

As the name suggests this is a gilet, meaning that your shoulders and arms have more freedom to move compared to those riding in jackets.

If you expect to be cycling in changeable conditions then you should consider investing in the Lumigilet. it’s windproof and water-resistant, meaning it will withstand light rain.

This gilet will help you stave off the evening winter chill and help you stay visible thanks to reflective patches dotted across the garment.

Price: £48.00
Available to buy here

5. DeFeet E-Touch Dura Gloves

Adding an extra layer of visibility can never be a bad thing. It can help you avoid a cycling accident and these gloves by DeFeet are a welcome addition.

They come in a variety of bright colours, and whilst they aren’t reflective, they provide other road users with better visibility of you than if you didn’t have them on.

Their full-finger design and combination of polyester, nylon and lycra help keep your hands warm without getting them sweaty, making them perfect for winter rides.

These gloves are also fully compatible with touchscreen phones, meaning you won’t have to remove them should you have an accident and need to contact the emergency services.

Price: £18.00
Available to buy here

6. Respro Hi-Viz Ankle Bands

Reflective cycling leggings haven’t quite caught up with the innovative design that are being produced for other parts of the body.

If you use standard reflective trousers then you are going to lose out on performance, and they can also catch on your chain making them dangerous.

The Respro Ankle Bands allow you to keep the bottom of your legs visible, without having to dilute your performance.

The bands wrap around the ankles and fasten easily using a velcro strip to secure them in place.

While they may not be the most fashionable piece of equipment, they’re a sensible option if you’re going to be doing a lot of riding in the dark.

Price: £16.99
Available to buy here

7. Northwave H2O Reflective Shoe Covers

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys getting wet feet. The soggy squelch of a rain-filled cleat is every cyclist’s pet hate.

By purchasing the Northwave Shoe Covers you combat the issue of wet feet and you get the added bonus of increasing your visibility.

Studies have shown that moving body parts that have reflective areas help road users see cyclists better, which means that coupling these shoe covers with the Respro Ankle Bands will help you get noticed and stay safer on the roads this winter.

Price: £29.99
Available to buy here


We hope that you are winter ready and have all the equipment to help you stay safe on your ride during the darker evenings.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and if you’re involved in a cycling accident and you believe the accident was caused by someone else, we can help.

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