A simple, yet clever cycle safe device that helps driver’s judge cyclists size and speed better

An Oxford Brookes student has invented a safety device that has received glowing reports from the cycling community.  Oxford is a busy, and thriving University City with an abundance of cyclists on the roads and a complicated and bus laden one way system to deal with.  The inventor himself was the victim of a cycle accident and this has been a perfect incentive to create a simple device that will prevent cycling accidents.

The Veglo Commuter X4 has been designed to accommodate rucksacks up to 35 litres. Fitted over the shoulders, onto the back, the system is essentially an adjustable harness.  The harness itself has a central LED light which is surrounded by 3M reflective and fibre optics system which helps drivers to  judge the distance, width and speed of cyclists.  You cannot be missed in poor light conditions with one of these harnesses.

The LED light life expectancy is approx. 10,000 hours so daily use should allow for a few years wear.   The inventor Ed Ward, 29, has won a silver medal in the British Inventors’ Project at the Gadget Show Live and has already sold 8,000 of the safety gadgets worldwide.

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