A road safety campaigner is left unable to cycle after traumatic road traffic collision

An avid cyclist and road safety campaigner has been left unable to get back in the saddle after suffering a road traffic collision that left him with so traumatised he says he will never get on his bike again.The road traffic collision happened on a roundabout when the 59 year old collided with a car leaving him with multiple broken bones including 3 ribs, hip, elbow and collar bone and he sustained a collapsed lung. His injuries were so many that they airlifted him to the nearest trauma unit where he was put into an induced coma.

He had previously commuted to work and back every day by bike but now does not feel confident enough following his traumatic ordeal.

He said: “All I remember was cycling on the roundabout when a car came up the slip road from the ..and hit me. I ended up on the floor with the bike on top of me and after that I slipped in and out of consciousness.

“My helmet was slit all the way down and there was a mark on my head where it had indented – if I hadn’t been wearing it I wouldn’t be alive.

“I was in hospital for ten days and now have a plate in my elbow and collarbone, as well as a new hip as it would have been too big a job to repair it.

“I used to cycle at least 100 miles a week, but now I am not sleeping and getting flashbacks. My bike hardly has a mark on it but I’ve had it taken away as I won’t be riding it again- this has been completely life-changing for me.”

He has been off work recovering for a month and is expected to be off for another month to continue his recovery which includes physiotherapy.

His wife is calling for better and safer cycling infrastructure in the area including more cyclepaths:

“There is also the issues of potholes which are unbelievable round here and force cyclists to swerve round them into the path of cars.

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