Police accident figures confirm what we already know

Accidents between 4 wheel and 2 wheeled vehicles are, more often than not, caused by a failure to look properly.  Police records confirm 57% of car drivers and 43% of cyclists blame failure to look properly on their collisions with the second most common reason being a cyclist riding on to a road from a pavement (20%).

 Worryingly over 1/3 of serious accidents involved children with ‘poor turn/manoeuvre’ and ‘careless driving being blamed for nearly 17% of serious accidents.  Due to sheer numbers on the roads, it is cars and taxis that are statistically involved in the most collisions with the most fatal accidents (25%0 occurring when a cyclist is hit from behind.

Although HGVs are involved in a much lower number of collisions, they are the cause of the highest number of fatalities for cyclists(20%).  The sheer size and weight of them means that stopping distances are poor and general visibility around the vehicle is also poor.  The most common cause of death caused by an HGV in London is turning left into the path of a cyclist.  Buses and coaches are responsible for ¼ of serious injuries by driving too close to the rider and dismounting them.

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