Cyclist’s appeal after lorry ‘forced her off road and left her for dead’

Police were called to the junction of a busy road, to reports of a collision that left an elderly woman with a broken collarbone and a bruised face.

The victim of this road traffic collision, who is an experienced cyclist, was training on country lanes when she was ‘cut up’ by an overtaking lorry.
She said “I either went off the road or under the rear wheels or would have been killed. The driver knew I was there, I was even wearing a high-vis vest and, thank goodness, a helmet – which saved my life.”

The 60 year old came off her bicycle and landed in the ditch on a country lane, breaking her collarbone and resulting in severe bruising to her face and the left side of her body.

A heroic van driver who was following pulled up to help, but the wagon that caused the crash drove off from the site of the collision.

The victim of the cycling accident was taken to hospital and treated for her injuries, causing her to miss a relative’s funeral four days later due to the severity of the crash.

The woman is now appealing for help to trace the culprit: “The lorry driver had been following me for a way and pulled out to overtake me but then started to move in straight away giving me nowhere else to go.

“The driver just carried on, even though they must have known I had been run off the road. I am so grateful to the man who did stop to help me, calling an ambulance and the police.”
Police are now investigating into the collision to track down the lorry driver and give this lady the justice she deserves.


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