Cyclist badly injured by manhole receives pay out

A cyclist has won her compensation case after she dismounted from her bike when its front wheel went into a gaping manhole.  The manhole had been left dangerously unattended on a cycle superhighway and was awaiting repairs.

The cyclist hit the open manhole at full speed and was catapulted over the handlebars onto the road in front.  She was lucky she was not thrown into the path of a vehicle; however she did sustain a nasty injury to her right arm and needed four rounds of surgery after breaking her elbow and needed two years of rehabilitation.

The cyclist wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained roads and highlighted this in her story to the local press where she appreciated how lucky she was not to have been more seriously hurt in the cycling crash several years ago.

She spoke about another accident when a father-of-three,  Ralph Brazier,died in an apparent pothole  accident and wants local authorities to recognise the dangers of poorly maintained roads.

She said: “It’s dredged up so many memories and made me think of how lucky I was and how badly I feel for his family and what they must be going through.

“I just find it amazing how the roads are not being taken care of at all.”

“Luckily I landed in the cycling lane and wasn’t run over immediately afterwards. All the cyclists who were travelling behind formed a circle around me until the ambulance arrived

“For two years, I couldn’t touch my nose with that arm as I couldn’t bend it at the elbow. I was basically disabled.”

She was awarded an undisclosed payout for her accident by TfL.

Potholes and poorly maintained cycle-paths and highways are a source of great annoyance for cyclists and can be extremely dangerous if travelling at speed or in busy traffic.  Councils have a duty to ensure road surfaces are safe for ALL road users to use.

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