Car injures pedestrian and hits cyclist

Police are appealing for a cyclist to come forward after a car veered off the road and ploughed into a pedestrian. The accident happened during rush hour and the pedestrian sustained a serious leg injury.  A cyclist is thought to be injured in an earlier incident which happened moments before the crash but was seen to leave the scene.

The pedestrian, a man in his 50’s, was given pain relief at the roadside by emergency services crews and then taken to hospital for further treatment.  Police are appealing for the cyclist to come forward to check he is not hurt and to also help with investigations as to how the accident occurred.

Police believe the cyclist was in collision with the same car shortly before the pedestrian.  The pedestrian has been taken to a west London hospital, where he remained in a serious but stable condition with a leg injury.

The driver of the car did stop at the scene and assisted Police.

Sometimes after an accident, a cyclist will get up and brush themselves down, not realising they are injured.  Shock can prevent you from feeling pain and the embarrassment of being dismounted from your bike can make you want to leave the scene of an accident without being checked over and get home to the safety of your home to lick your wounds.  

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