Lorries to improve safety measures for cyclists

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that he intends to support the London’s Councils proposals to ensure all lorries meet a minimum safety requirement in order to make the city a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians.

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has approved of the news and hopes the new regulations will remove lorries that don’t have safety equipment such as side underrun bars and European Standard mirrors from the city’s roads.

Many vehicles such as waste industry, construction and container lorries are not required to meet these basic safety standards.  A spokesperson for the LCC, Charlie Lloyd said, “We support the Mayor’s proposal to close a gap in currrent legislation that allows some construction and container vehicles to operate in London without the most basic safety equipment, such as sideguards and a full set of safety mirrors. 

He goes on to say that whilst he welcomes tightening of legislation, he would like it if “every lorry driver in London had cyclist-awareness training, and every lorry was a ‘Direct Vision’ model, with larger windows and glass doors, allowing the driver to see cyclists all around the vehicle.”

HGVs make up only 5 per cent of traffic however they have been responsible for almost half the cyclist deaths in London in recent years.  Construction firms have been accused of failing to take safety on the roads as seriously as on building sites.

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