London’s bus drivers under scrutiny

The London’s Evening Standard publication has made a Freedom of Information request to the Transport for London body after it discovered that 10% of the accidents that occurred during a 2 week period last summer, were subject to complaints made by the general public.

These complaints revealed some interesting opinions:

“He was concentrating on her so much that he didn’t see a cyclist and hit them.” This complaint came after a number 45 bus hit a cyclist whilst he was allegedly distracted by a female pedestrian.

After a no 53 bus appeared to dismount a cyclist, a witness complained the bus drivers actions to  “overtake a cyclist causing her to be forced off the road and have to throw herself off the bike to ensure she did not get hit.”

The request for information came about after there was a flurry of cycle accidents in the capital in August last year with 25 complaints being registered by witnesses.  The TfL commented on the statistics saying that the number of complaints against bus drivers is incredibly low when you consider that 2.4 billion passenger trips take place each year.


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