London cycle scheme winners announced

Eighteen outer London borough councils took part in a London cycle scheme competition to secure some of the £30m funding for their cycle schemes.

The idea was to create “mini Hollands” within the busy London landscape which are cycle friendly.

“The “mini Holland” initiative is intended to make local communities as cycle-friendly as their Dutch equivalents, said Boris Johnson.”  He continued;

“We can’t do everything at once but don’t underestimate our determination.”

There were three winning projects:

  • Kingston Borough Council: The Thames boardwalk scheme involves a 700m (2,300 ft) long cycle-only boardwalk, which could be fixed or floating, from Thames Side to the High Street in Kingston.  There are also plans for new cycle routes from a Plaza outside Kingston station.  The design was a success as it would help cyclists avoid the town centre.
  • Enfield Borough Council; their scheme required the town centre to be redesigned with segregated superhighways and three cycle hubs plus greenway routes.
  • Waltham Forest Borough Council; proposed a semi-segregated superhighway route along Lea Bridge Road to promote cycle-friendly neighbourhoods and reduce traffic.
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