London commuters offered free bike in return for mobile outdoor advertising.

The concept is already out there in different countries but now a company called Buzzbike is offering it to London commuters.  The idea is to encourage more people to cycle to work by offering them a free bike to use to commute to work and also to provide advertising opportunities to businesses by plastering their logos on the bikes.

The way the cycle scheme works is that cyclist will need to apply to Buzzbike via the website and initially pay £100 deposit.  They will then be loaned for no charge a one speed Cooper bike worth around £700 which will have a sponsors logo on it.  When the advertising deal comes to an end then the ‘loaned’ bikes are recalled to get their new client logos.

The bike itself has been designed by Mini Cooper designers and has puncture proof tyres and a Brooks saddle.  A free lock and annual servicing is also provided and all the bikes are insured.

In order to keep the free bike, the cyclist must cycle to work at least 12 times a month (approx.. 3 times a week) and ensure the bike is secured at all times to prevent theft.  Failure to secure the bike or ride it regularly enough will result in the bike being taken back and given to another cyclist.

The aim is that this scheme will run alongside the Boris bike scheme and the company Buzzbike hopes to tap into the £1.1 billion outdoor advertising market.

The scheme is hoped to commence in September with the first 200 bikes being released to cyclists.  The company founder said:

“I was standing at a bus stop, having not been in London for a couple of years, and was amazed at the number of bikes that were being ridden,

“People have been advertising on street transport for a long time — on taxis and buses. Bikes would make a much more interesting platform.

“Our scheme is for people who use their bikes every day to commute to work,

“Boris bikes are more for tourists and part-time commuters. We are all in the same game — putting more bikes on the street.”

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